TOKYO HAMFAIR 2010 (Aug-21 & 22)

Location of A1 CLUB Booth
Booth# C-056
Refer to floorlayout below (click to enlarge)

QRM Dinner Party
Date & Time : August 21 (Sat), 18:30JST-21:30JST
Place: Akihabara (same place as the last year)
Price: 5000JPY
Register: Please contact ME before Aug/18.

Project this year

1) F2 Keyer "Handy Ton-Tu-"

@As a way of promotion for CW beginners we are going to distributel the F2 Keyer "Handy Ton-Tu-" again which was distributed in 2005. This keyer is to be used for transmitting F2A signal by connecting with F3E handheld tranceiver. Rrefer to past projects' page for details (sorry in Japanese)

Hamfair Price:
F2-Keyer : 2000JPY/set,@Q'ty:50
Misc parts to be used outside of PCB :2000JPY/set,@Q'ty:25set

2) CW Tuning Indicator "Knight 2009 K.I.T.T."

@Answering to enthusiastic needs, we will prepare 50 sets of
@hKnight 2009 K.I.T.Th that was distributed last year.
@@Refer to "Knight 2009 K.I.T.T" page last year"

@Hanfair Price: 2000JPY/set, Q'ty:50sets

3) Mimic Keyer "CQ Parrot"

@This is the special project which we have been developing since this Spring.
@This might be a "World First" unique keyer.
@That records and repeat the Morsecode message as it is sent by manually using Straight Key or Bug Key, etc.

@Hamfair Price: 2500JPY/set, Q'ty:100set
@Refer to project page


We are planning to sell via internet if we have stock after the hamfair.


We made T-Shirt by using the selected design by Design Contest.
Photo(above): L-size testing (model 170cm tall, 75kg in weight)
Photo(below): 3 colors available,
Q'ty: White(L10, XL10), Yellow(L10), Green(L10)
Hamfair Price: 1200JPY
If we have stock after hamfair, they will be sold via internet..

Can badge

This badge design is also applied from the awarded design in the design contest.. (made 30 each)
size: 57mm(W)45mm(H)

Another design specially selected by design contest is became cute can badge. :-) (made 10 each)
size 25mm in dia.

These badges are going to be distributed free of charge to the A1 Club member celebrating over #1500 of A1 CLUB membership.
(One piece is free, more than 2 will be charged)
Anyone who cannot come to Hamfair, please send SASE or SAE+1GS/1IRC with your preference on badge (elliptical or circle) to the following address:
2026-6 Kanai-machi, Machida-city, TOKYO 195-0071 JAPAN
JE1TRV, Atsu Taniguchi
Deadline to receive SASE/SAE is end of August, 2010.

Past Hmafair Reports (in Japanese only)