20th Anniversary Award

 update 2018.3.15 <application may be accepted from 2018.4.1>

A1 CLUB 20th Anniversary Award Rule

1. Issued by : A1 CLUB

2. Name of Award : A1 CLUB 20th Anniversary Award

3. Rule
3.1 Period: QSO from 2018.4.1 to 2019.3.31 (Japan Time) is effective
3.2 QSO: Normal contact at least exchange of RS(T) signal report is effective
3.3 Points:
  [Basic Point]  
   QSO with A1 CLUB member station.
   Distribution of the basic point is as follows;
   (1) QSO with A1 CLUB Regional Club Station -->2ponts (see below 11) (2)for details)
    (2) QSO with other member station --> ponint

    The same station may count when band and/or date are/is different.

  [Mode Multiplier]  
   Following multiplier is applied by Mode.
   CW=2,  Other than CW=1   (CW means the mode whose last digit is A such as A1A, F2A, etc.)

  [Total Points]
   Calculate [Basic Point] x [Mode Multiplier] per QSO, then
   sum up them for applicable QSOs as the [Total Points]

4. QSO List: Sample[CSV]   Sample[Excel]   
       (delete sample figures shown in the sample QSO lists above)
       (calculation formula is included in the sampe[Excel])

5. Application: to be made from the [Application Form]
      English explanation for the application form is here
      English explanation for the message shown after you sent the application is here.
      No QSL card is required. You may apply from higher class award.

6. Award : 
   20P: Gain more than or equal 20 [Total Points] 
   100P: Gain more than or equal 100 [Total Points] 
   after that Award will be issued +100P each, no upper limit
   Free PDF Award will be provided via e-mail
7. Special Remarks:
   Single Band, QRP, etc. personal remarks may be added

8. Extra Prize :
   Max.20 persons among the award winners will get an extra prize such as anniversary key, etc. by lottery.

9. Application Dead Line: 2019.4.30 (Japan Time)

10.Publication :
  Callsigns of Award Winners will be shown on the website and The callsign of winner of extra prize will be shown
on the website.

11. Others: 

(1) Member List ---> HERE
   List will be updated weekly. Please refer to the latest list when you apply.
   (Because some station may join the club after your QSO date, in that case you may count those stations)

(2) The regional club station means A1 CLUB's official regional club stations.
  (See HERE for details)
(3) A1 CLUB RBN Bandmap is available for the award campaign period. Use it to find member's CQ.

(4) The PDF Award will be sent (by e-mail) within 1 month after receiving the application.
  If you don't receive PDF award even after 1 month , please contact by e-mail.(address below)
  Winner of the extra prize will be shown in 2019.5 on the website.   

(5) We may ask to submit detailed log data if any suspicious exixts in the application.

12. Contact E-mail: award2018(a)a1club.org   replace (a) with @

A sample image of the Award (actual size is A4)
Award Winners List

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