The A1 CLUB QSO PARTY in 2016   [Japanese]
A1 Club is pleased to announce the A1 Club QSO Party, which is open to all radio amateurs world-wide and which
aims to encourage the use of and excellence in Morse code.

TheEvent: The A1 Club QSO Party.
        This is an operating event, not a contest.

Date & time:
From 2016-4-30 15:00Z to 2016-5-31 15:00Z, for 1 month.

Object:To try communication by the international Morse Codes on all amateur bands.

Exchange: Normal QSO style.
0 pont for 599TU style or Contest QSO>
         +1 point for a QSO which includes exchange of information other than RST report.

Frequencies: CW portions of the amateur bands assigned in each country where you operate.

Mode: CW using the internatinal Morse code

Internet Tool: Following internet sites are recommended to find participants.
 The K3UK A1 Club Sked Page
  A1 CLUB Facebook Group

Activity Report: <
Reporting Form > 

How to write your log

In the entry form, your "Callsign", "Name", "Points" & "Comments" will be shown on the website.
Your "LOG" data is sent to the person in charge of the QSO PTY for confirmation but not disclosed to the public.

The simplest log is, "Date""Time""Worked Station's Callsign""Band""Report" to be input one QSO per one line.
Please note that the acceptable file format is text format.

[For example] 
20080501 JO1ZZZ 7 599 599

Certificate: No awards will be given as this is not a contest.
An entry certificate badge with your callsign may be provided if you are a member of A1 CLUB and got more than 10 points.
If you are not a member of A1 CLUB, please join the club now.[Club Info]
To ask the entry certificate, please donate 5USD to the A1CLUB Paypal account.[Link is shown below]

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