The A1 CLUB QSO PARTY in 2017   [Japanese]
A1 Club is pleased to announce the A1 Club QSO Party, which is open to all radio amateurs world-wide and which
aims to encourage the use of and excellence in Morse code.

TheEvent: The A1 Club QSO Party.
        This is an operating event, not a contest.

Date & time:
From 2017-4-30 15:00Z to 2017-5-15 15:00Z, for a half month.

Object:To try communication by the international Morse Codes on all amateur bands.

Exchange: Normal QSO style.
0 pont for 599TU style or Contest QSO>
         +1 point for a QSO which includes exchange of information other than RST report.

Frequencies: CW portions of the amateur bands assigned in each country where you operate.

Mode: CW using the internatinal Morse code

Internet Tool: Following internet sites are recommended to find participants.
  A1 CLUB Facebook Group

Activity Report: Send following information from the [ENTRY FORM]
(1) Your Callsign, (2) Your name, (3) A1CLUB Member Number, (4) Points, (5) Comments

Certificate: No awards will be given as this is not a contest.
An entry certificate badge with your callsign may be provided if you are a member of A1 CLUB and got more than 5 points.
If you are not a member of A1 CLUB, please join the club now.[Club Info]
To ask the entry certificate, please donate 5USD to the A1CLUB Paypal account.[Link is shown below]

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