2010 Hamfair A1 CLUB KIT Project  2010-8-1 issue2

Mimic Keyer "CQ Parrot"

Two-channel memory keyer designed for straight keys and bug keys.
CQ Parrot can record your CW keying by straight keys or bug keys and exactly reproduce your original manual keying tastes.

KIT Overview

Assembled Sample



   Beta version field testing scene(below)
(note: above image is differ from the final version to be distributed)
[What is CQ Parrot?]
Brief summary of its function.

Many CW operators prefer straight keys and bug keys because those keys are easier to express operators' keying individuality than a combination of an electric keyer and a paddle. However, have you ever got tired when you had no reply after calling CQ many times by straight keys or bug keys?

In such a case, CQ Parrot, which can reproduce your original keying by straight keys or bug keys, seems to be very useful and helpful.

CQ Parrot has two channels for your message recording. One of them records your message into EEPROM, thus the message never go out even though you turn off the main switch. One channel is capable of recording 250 strokes, approximately equal to 90 characters, which is long enough to reproduce your short message such as a call for CQ.

 Dedicatedly designed PCB.
  Outline Size: 49x49mm
  Spec: Through-hole, Glass epoxy,
      with silk printed on one side.
  Power Source Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5V
 Includes, PCB, Programed CPU, All components for PCB,Battery box with on/off switch, manual

 [Instruction manual PDF]

No battery is included,
No PCB spacer is included.
No Key or paddle is included, of course.
Actual battery case is differ from that indicated in the photo.
Spec may subject to change without notice.  
Distribution Q'ty and price may change without notice.


  2500JPY/set (price for Tokyo Hamfair)
  (If there is remaining stock after the hamfair, we are going to distribute via internet. In that case, shipping and handling charge sall be added.Details may be announced later)


  100 sets


  If you can use A1-Forun BBS please use it for inquiry. (you need Japanese fonts and basic knowledge of Japanese language)
  (A1-Forum user ID = 599, Passowrd= 599)

2010-8 A1C KIT Project Staff

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