How to use A1-Forum Message Board

A1-Forum is a public message board opened for all who are interested in CW or Morsecode Communication.
A1-Forum is made and run by Japanese volunteers so that most of contents are wrtten in Japanese.
This page is a guide for overseas readers who do not understand Japanese language.

Access to A1-Forum <>
Input "599" for both ID and Pass. (just for avoiding spam entries)

How to make New Post

Top Page image

Click to show the preferable room from the selection Lounge|International|Japanese|Homebrew|OAM|KEY.
ラウンジ [Lounge] is the room for general discussion,
欧文 [International] is the room to discuss about international Morsecode.
和文 [Japanese] is the room for Japanese Morsecode "Wabun".
自作 [Homebrew] is the room for home brewing.
OAM [OAM] is the room for information about On the Air Meeting which is held by A1 CLUB every weekend.
KEY [KEY] is the room to show off your collection or trade your keys/paddles.
The room may be added or deleted considering the requests from users.

After select the room,
To post a new article, click ●新規投稿 New Post, then following window comes up:

Input necessary items and select image file if you want to attach image file(s)
If you input your e-mail address, you can receive reply notice.
Your e-mail address which you input at <<New Post Form>> is never disclosed.
But please note that the system has a function to send direct message from a reader without letting him/her know your e-mail address
Do not forget the password you input here, the password will be necessary when you will edit/delete your article later.

Finally click for post button in the bottom part of the page.
Then following window come up:

Here is an example of the reply notice:

Sender:$mailfrom at server**
Subject: A1-Forum 欧文 自動メール送信

Here is an example of the direct message:

Sender: sender's email address
Subject :A1-Forum 欧文 自動メール送信

How to reply or edit/delete or make a direct message

Select room and click ●一覧表示 [Show All], then list of posts in the selected room is shown as follows:

Select the title you want to see and click the hyperlink on the title to open the thread.

Here is an example to open the tread no.3:

You can make reply message by <<Reply Form>>
If you are the author of the article, you can edit or delete it from [edit/delete] button.
If [Mail] button is acctive, you can send a private message to the author directly.
Here is an example window when you click 編集・削除 [edit/delete] button.

The password which is input at <<New Post>> is required.
Please note that once any reply is made on your article, you can't delete the thread.

Here is an example of <<Edit Form>> comes up when you click [Edit] button at the previous page:

Here is an example of Direct Mail Form comes up when you click メール[Mail] button on the article.

When you send direct mail by this function, your e-mail address is shown to the receiver (in this case JO1ZZZ)

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